CLG Head Among LinkedIn’s Top 100 Filipinos

Circa Logica Group CEO & Managing Partner, Mikel Leroi Balansag, is on the 38th spot in the Top 100 Filipinos To Follow On LinkedIn For Inspiration And Learning 2019.

The list provides iconic Filipinos to follow on LinkedIn published by Marketing In Asia, a Malaysia-based online op-ed magazine aimed to empower millions of Asian brands and professionals.

The following is an excerpt from the published article on 14th December 2019 by Virginia Bautista:

“The number of Filipino LinkedIn members has tremendously increased in the past few months. Currently, there are already more than 7 million LinkedIn members from the Philippines. While the overwhelming majority of them are content viewers, rather than content creators, the opportunity to build a much more engaging and supportive Filipino LinkedIn community is huge as more Filipinos find value in the content shared by their fellow Filipinos on the platform. 

“The 2019 list, as you’ll see, is much bigger than last year’s list as we now have the top 100 Filipinos who create, engage and reshare content on LinkedIn. They’re all Filipino content creators on LinkedIn who have inspired their fellow Filipino LinkedIn members to get them to this year’s list. 

“The top 100 Filipinos in the list are from various industries including marketing, training, coaching, consulting, human resources, healthcare, technology, BPO, real estate, etc.”

“HR is a never-ending process and lifelong learning. I am committed to sharing industry and best practices for the advancement of HR and people managers creating successful leaders one company at a time,” answered Balansag on why he should be followed on Linkedin.

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