How to create a culture of Execution?

A study showed that execution is a weakness among Filipino leaders. This relates to what Anthropologists call “ningas kugon” which describes the tendency to lose enthusiasm for something and not follow through. So how do we address this concern? A study conducted among successful organizations in the Philippines suggests five ways to create a culture of execution:

1) Inclusion of people from multiple levels in the strategic planning process
2) Communication of directions
3) Role clarity and accountability
4) Monitoring of implementation
5) Linking performance to appropriate rewards

The same study also emphasized the critical role of leaders in creating a culture of execution. Actions such as leading by doing, giving personal touch when driving execution, and championing execution-supportive values are indicators of Filipino leaders that create a balance between tasks and relationships.

Reference: Franco, Teng-Calleja, Hechanova. (2018). Organization Development Practice in the Philippines. (M. T.-C. Edna P. Franco, Ed.) Quezon: Ateneo de Manila University Press.
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