On-Demand Training: Your Training Strategy’s Missing Piece

The ways in which companies can use on-demand training are virtually endless. If you want to expand your training capabilities, on-demand training is a cost-effective tool that can help accomplish all of your training goals. If you’ve not tried on-demand training as a way to streamline your training, here are six compelling reasons why you should:

1). Engagement with content over time makes training more effective.

Meeting over a few days may not be enough for knowledge retention among your audience. The most effective training is one that engages your audience ongoing beyond the initial face-to-face meeting.

One of the easiest ways to do this is through on-demand training, where you can provide continual learning through pre- and post-testing, videos, support documents, and more.

2). Ongoing training improves knowledge retention.

Without any extra effort or reinforcement, more than 50% of what we learn at a conference is forgotten within an hour, and 80% by the end of the month. according to the research behind the Forgetting Curve, developed by German psychologist Hermann Ebbinghaus.

If you want your training attendees to get the greatest return from their training event, it’s essential to provide ongoing educational opportunities that reinforce key learning concepts long after the training. Offering on-demand training is a simple solution that significantly impacts knowledge retention.

3). Offers a training solution for staff turnover.

Make onboarding a breeze when training new staff by using on-demand training. It’s the easiest way to disseminate your company’s standard operating procedures as needed for the newly hired staff or build out individually customized learning plans for each department or staff personnel.

4). Improves consistency in your message and training.

Consistency in training and message is crucial to a company’s success. By using on-demand training, you can keep your message fully intact and avoid second-party interpretations for consistency across the board.  Content can be repurposed and used well into the future.

5). Supports ongoing learning for any industry to enhance required training.

Online, on-demand learning has become a more effective training tool for businesses of all industries thanks to the convenience of technology and the variety of options for a diverse set of learning styles, whether using a slideshow, video presentation, or handouts.

One benefit is the ability to enhance learning, as it can be used to facilitate training before a live event, or used as a refresher course or continuing education. E-learning is also a great tool to enhance the traditional learning experience, a method known as blended learning.

6). Supports continuous training for remote sites.

Whether you have a franchise or a medical research business, on-demand training is an excellent method for keeping all remote sites and personnel up to speed with operational procedures. And when policy changes, on-demand training can quickly update those sites saving you time and money.

According to the Clinical Trials Transformation Initiative, “Research sites must value and support training for study personnel. Targeted training specific to clinical research must include all staff involved in clinical research activities, not solely the investigator. Participation is paramount and can be achieved through online training courses, professionally provided training, on-site mentoring, and participation in professional organizations.”

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